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Aquarium Services

No contracts are necessary! Jim "The Fish Guy" doesn't advertise. Providing the highest quality and friendliest aquarium/pond maintenance and installation services since 1993, the business is built ONLY through references and word of mouth. Privately owned and operated you will always know who to contact and who will be the one to help you with any concerns or questions. Satisfied customers receive ONE FREE MONTHLY SERVICE for every referral of Jim "The Fish Guy" to others which result in monthly accounts. Jim "The Fish Guy" does not believe in contractual agreements since the aim is to provide the best service EACH and EVERY month before being compensated. BEWARE of services that require contracts! Conscientious, reliable, knowledgeable, and friendly aquarium/pond service GUARANTEED! Call 440-821-9648 or click on "Service Request" on the top right of this page to set up an appointment or to ask for more information!

$10 Off On an Installation or Your First Cleaning

Fish Illness Solutions

Having mysterious fish illness concerns? Having concerns about water quality or clarity? Over 19 years of experience and research in solving and resolving saltwater and freshwater aquarium fish and pond fish illnesses. Simply purchasing over the counter medications IS NOT ALWAYS THE ANSWER! Many times medication is the wrong route to take. Use caution before taking the next step. Be careful about advice from local pet stores! Call (440) 821-9648 or visit www.jimthefishguy.net and submit a question, concern, or a request for service.

Outdoor Pond Installation & Maintenance

Jim "The Fish Guy" help you enhance the beauty and ambiance of your property with outdoor pond installation and maintenance. Jim "The Fish Guy" provides all the services necessary to installing and keeping outdoor water features, including koi ponds.

Request a service from Jim “The Fish Guy” in Cleveland, Ohio, for aquarium installation and maintenance.

About Jim "The Fish Guy"

Count on Jim “The Fish Guy” for aquarium installation and maintenance services. Serving Cleveland and All Surrounding Areas since 1993! Jim "The Fish Guy" has more than 19 years of experience in providing care, installation, and troubleshooting for water features and their aquatic inhabitants!

Providing Services in Cleveland Area including ALL Western, Eastern, and Southern Suburbs Within a 40 Mile Radius of Downtown Cleveland!!